Terms and Conditions for Free Website Design

1. A minimum of 3-year Domain registration and Premium Hosting plan should be fully paid for in advance to qualify for free website design.

2. You will choose the look-and-feel of your website from templates we will provide.

3. You will provide corrections within one week of completing your website. One-week after completing your website, no more corrections will be accepted.

4. We will attach a short link to the footer at the bottom of all pages. Eg. "Powered by Orwebhost".

5. If free images are used, due credit may be given to the image provider. Eg "Images Provided by Image Provider".

6. You can contact us whenever you have issues with your website or its related products but we cannot be held liable for any of such issues.

7. Refund requests must be sent within 24 hours of payment, after which we will determine the refund status ("Part refund" or "No refund").

8. We reserve the right to Edit or Update the Terms and Conditions without first informing you.

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